Apple iPhone 6 running on iOS7: Features and Specifications

Apple iPhone6 has great and features with advanced specifications. It has very attractive and elegant looks with larger screen, thinner frame and lighter weight. It is expected to feature a radical curved screen with p-Si LCD Screen. Apple iPhone 6 also has one more advantage that the driver circuits powering the display integrated directly into the display therefore the screen is lighter, thinner and consumes less battery.

Apple iPhone 6 is also expected to have 128 GB of storage and have an ability to be charged wirelessly using inductive charging.

Tough Display: iPhone 6 will use a new and tough display material known as Gorilla Glass. It has lower battery consumption.

Home Button: there will be no home button present on iPhone 6.

Antenna Design: it will have an improved antenna designs.

Face Time: It refers to face chatting or face calling with your iPhone. It also works on cellular networks as well as on Wi-Fi network.

Projector: it will have an in-built projector that allows users to project images and videos on a near-by surface but the projection distance should be short.

Shared Photo streams: you can easily share your photos by selecting photos in the app then by clicking on the share button. This works over Wi-Fi and cellular network.

Multitasking: iPhone 6 is able to perform multiple tasks at a time which slows down your phone. As we have opened a no. of tabs in our phone, if we close the apps which we are not using then it will speed up your iPhone.

Camera: iPhone has camera with new panorama feature with one simple motion you can shoot up to 240 degrees.

Pass book: you can scan your iPhone to check in for a flight, get into a movie. You can also check your concert seats and balance left. If in case of a flight any changes occur then pass book alerts you about the changes.

Folders for Apps: There is a feature to create folders to organize our applications according to their usage.

Find your phone: By using Mobile Me, you can see all the instruction steps to locate your phone if it stolen or lost. By using this feature you can easily find your lost mobile.

Videos and Photos: iPhone 6 will have the world’s best camera with an advance technology. It will have better resolution camera with HD quality video recording. You can easily edit images and videos.

Technical specifications of Apple iPhone 6 have not been announced yet, it will be updated soon. Stay in contact.

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